Earnings increase with Anolytech

We have asked the University of Lund to do a study on how Anolytech Disinfection System affect revenues and costs for poultry farmers.

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Anolytech Hoof Spray™ reduces hoof problems

Avoid bacteria-related problems such as foot rot and digital dermatitis, eczema, etc. which annually costs a lot of money, take a lot of time and causes distress to the animals.

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Reduce the harmful microbial load in the wet feed mixture

By reducing the bacterial pressure in the liquid feed tank you will provide better conditions, which will result in healthier and more productive pigs.

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Early April Anolytech arranged a product-, and systems training for its distributors and staff in Ystad, Sweden. In the company’s efforts of growing internationally a distributor strategy has been adapted, and in the strategy information and training of the distributors is one of the key success factors. This is the second time we have invited our distributors to this type of activity, a new bullet on the agenda this year was that two of our customers presented their Anolytech Disinfection System installations in an Experience Sharing part of the program. This part of the program was very appreciated and will be repeated during future activities, says David Börjesson.

Anolytech signs agreement with Danish 3S
Anolytech AB signs agreement with 3S becoming distrubutor in Denmark. 3S works with sales in the agricultural sector, focusing mainly for animal production.
They work in a special way. The farmer signs a contract with 3S because they will then be able to buy in large quantities and sell to farmers at a better price. The first Animal installed in december 4000 and is now fully operational. Learn more at 3S website.

Anolytech have a Norwegian distributor - Latour AS
Anolytech AB signs agreement with Latour AS in Norway, which will focus mainly on the fishing industry,
but also on the animal sector The fishing industry is in great need of an environmentally friendly way to kill germs.