Anolytech’s vision

Anolytech’s vision is to be part of a sustainable society where disinfection is part of everyday life. Where we replaced hazardous products with an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative without unnecessary transports and hazardous waste.

Simple, efficient and environmentally friendly

Since 2005, Anolytech has developed and developed a Swedish disinfection technology for bacteria-free water as well as hand and disinfection that is environmentally friendly, simple and efficient.

At the start, we embarked on a development that no one else has been and over time has learned a lot empirically. Our technology has been developed and optimized for more than 15 years and over the years we have accumulated many important experiences about disinfection and disinfection of drinking water. All our components are of the absolute highest class and today we have a technology with high operational reliability.

We are a Swedish machine manufacturer with a focus on sustainability and innovation. Our system is currently used by customers in Europe in various industries. Anolyte-PH is a well-documented disinfectant that works effectively against viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and spores.

Anolytech’s technology and innovation has on several occasions won Innovations and Innovator awards and been named the most environmentally innovative company of the year (2012).

Anolytech has on 2 occasions also been named one of Sweden’s 33 hottest young technology companies (33 list).

Anolytech Disinfection System ™ has mostly been marketed to agriculture, the food industry and hotels and properties.

During the current pandemic situation, Anolytech has come into focus with our technology and knowledge. Today we see additional business areas for disinfection and look to the future with confidence with new products, partners and countries.

Sustainable future

The water-based product is completely free of harmful chemicals, dyes or alcohol. The product is biodegradable and very gentle on people and the environment. Anolyte-PH is environmentally friendly, safe and completely non-toxic.

Tested & approved

Anolytech is registered at Article 95 list (Biocides Ordinance) in PT 1- 5. Human hygiene, surface disinfection, veterinary hygiene, surfaces that come into contact with food and animal feed and drinking water. Meets European standards for disinfectants: EN 13624, EN 13697, EN 13610, EN17272 and EN 13727

Circular process

Takes disinfection from a linear process with fire and environmentally hazardous shipping and waste to a sustainable circular process with recycling and refilling of existing containers on site. In this way, business and important societal functions secure the supply of disinfection while at the same time being innovative with sustainability and safety in focus.

Cost effective

Hypochlorous acid is produced from water, salt and electricity and is so efficient that only a low percentage concentration is required in a finished working solution, which keeps the production cost very low. It is a cheap and powerful disinfectant for sterilization, disinfection and water purification procedures.